Beviqui® is the innovative travel water bowl for dogs that allows your pet to drink from any plastic bottle.

Light – only 35 gr. – carry it always with you when travelling, walking or hiking with your pet. Transparent cup like the water. Safe and hygienic, Beviqui® is made by plastic food materials to grant our dogs the best.
Colorful like our life!

Using Beviqui® is extremely easy and practical. Plug it to a water bottle like a cap, open the transparent cup, squeeze it and let the dog drink from the spring of water that comes out. Simple as that! Light, elegant and hygienic. Hold it in your purse, in your pocket or in the dash of your car to have it ready for your travels together! Beviqui® is the water bowl suitable for dogs of any sizes and weight. No matter how big your dog is (trust us, we got a Great Dane to drink out of it) the tongue is the only part that the dog will use to get to the water.
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