The retractable leash patented to guarantee freedom to your hands
Divo® is the first retractable leash for dogs designed to walk together with your dog carefree. Thanks to its round shape, you can now insert your forearm through the handle and free your hands in order to answer the phone, hold the umbrella, read the newspaper or cuddle your little friend.

Not only, thanks to its innovative “push-push” blocking system you can now stop the tape from running only by pushing the palm of your hand on the leverage placed on the grip.

“Push- push” blocking system:

Thanks to the leverage positioned on the ergonomic handle, you will need to close your fist and make some pressure on the leverage in order to block the tape from running. This system has been studied after observing the natural movement we make whenever we want our dog to stop and to get closer to us. Unlocking the tape is even easier: just push again on the leverage with your palm till you hear the “click” and the tape will start running again. Easy, isn’t it?

Free your hands:

Thanks to the round handle you can now insert your forearm through it and free your hands.

“Puzzle-lock” Closing system:

Are you at a dinner out with your friends and you wish you could have your little puppy near you? Thanks to Divo® and to its puzzle-lock system you can now easily avoid to make knots with the tape around your chair or other weird and unpractical solutions (we’ve all been there). Simply open the handle and hook it to a chair or to a pole and close the handle. Push the safety button and ..voilà, doggy will be standing close to you all the time without any worries. Simple, practical and safe!

Colourful, Beautiful, Innovative

The Power is in your hand!

Using the leash Divo® is extremely easy! Once the central part has been rotated towards the outside, clasp the hook to the collar or to the harness of your dog and get out together for the usual walk. These are just some of the benefits you will find by using Divo®: