Primenove pet accessories for large dogs


Primenove’s products are born from the genius and expertise of a wide team of Italian and International designers and engineers. We collaborate with academies and top universities to create products characterised by innovative functionality & design. Each single pet accessory is born from the needs and the observation of pet owners living the day by day with their dogs or cats. We aim to be the simple life changing solution they never thought about. Wether is a simple idea to give water to the dog while travelling or to carry your pet to the vet for a check, we want to be with you in order to improve yours and your pet’s lives.

Exclusive Products

Our catalogue includes only exclusive pet supplies that have been projected, engineered and patented at an international level. Our materials have been tested against toughest chewing, folding, temperature and usage conditions to offer durable pet accessories.

Pets First, Owners First

We are committed to enhance the experience between the owner and his pet. Thus, we test every accessory created with pets of different sizes and breeds but also with owners with different characters and needs.