Drinking travel bowl for pets.        To use preferably with plastic bottle. Insert the stopper with fins(1) in the neck of a plastic bottle of water.      Open the cup (2) at point of use, sqeeze the bottle and pour the water. When finish to use, close the cap, bringing the cup (2) up to adhere to the bottle (3).  



Use a damp cloth or dry. Do not use solvents or other corrosive or harmful material to human and animal health. If necessary, use dishwashing detergent and rinse thoroughly.


When you don’t use the Beviqui Make sure you have properly closed the cup (2) by pressing on the back of the cup (3). Attention: with the Beviqui inserted on the bottle when not in use keep the bottle in an upright position. The Beviqui does not close hermetically the bottle and in the closed configuration (3) it could easily open allowing the accidental spillage of water. Therefore avoid storing the bottle with the Beviqui in the bag: DANGER OF ACCIDENTAL WATER OUTPUT. 


If the package contains a second cap with different diameter flaps, insert it on the Beviqui to fit the diameter of the bottle neck in commerce in your country.