Save space and make your pet travel with comfort with Noah®, the first collapsable cat carrier!

Noah® is your perfect travel partner!


Noah™ is the first foldable Pet Carrier, it represents the style and the Italian spirit in the originality of the idea, in the joy of the colours and in the search for comfort for you and your pet.


Original, colourful and compact, Noah® opens and closes with a quick gesture. Pull up the handle to open the arches; close the grids and create a wide and comfortable space for your cat. Once done with the use, simply collapse the structure by folding the grids internally and by pulling down the handle. Noah will become only 15 cm tall, perfect to be stored anywhere in the house or in your car. Ideal for small animals up to 12 kg weight. Noah® is your perfect travel partner!


The modular structure of Noah™, composed by resistant plastic arches, protects it without separating you from your beloved four-legged friend, leaving ample visibility and a constant contact.

Elegant, yet simple

Designed to be beautiful