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BEVIQUI® - Dog Drinker | Travel Water Dispenser for Dogs and Cats | Portable Drinking Bowl ∣ Portable Water Dispenser ∣  Light, Pratical, Hygienic Portable Bowl applicable to any Plastic Water Bottle.

BEVIQUI® with its elegant and original design, is the travel drinker applicable to any plastic water bottle. It is light only 0,066 lb (30 gr.). Pocket size, produced with certified materials for food use. You can take it with you anywhere without necessarily the weight of the water bottle. Quench our dog's thirst wherever you are has never been easier !
 INNOVATIVE PORTABLE DRINKER MADE IN ITALY: BEVIQUI® is the drinker that simplifies your life! Always carry it with you and allow your dog to drink from any plastic bottle when you are away from home.
 VERY SIMPLE TO USE: To use your BEVIQUI®, simply connect it to the bottle as if it were a cap. Open the transparent cup, put pressure on the bottle and let your dog drink in comfort.
 VERY LIGHT: BEVIQUI® weighs only 0,066 lb (30 gr.).! You will no longer need to bring bowls or bulky bottles with you to give your dog a drink.
 PRACTICAL AND HYGIENIC: Our drinker is produced with plastic for food use and is therefore absolutely hygienic. Keep it in your bag, pocket or car to be ready to travel anywhere with your four-legged friend!