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Innovation requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Primenove’s products are born from the genius and expertise of a wide team of Italian and International designers and engineers. We collaborate with academies and top universities to create products characterised by innovative functionality & design. Each single pet accessory is born from the needs and the observation of pet owners living the day by day with their dogs or cats. We aim to be the simple life changing solution they never thought about. Whether it is a simple idea to give water to the dog while travelling or to carry your pet to the vet for a check, we want to be with you in order to improve yours and your pet’s lives.

Constant Research

Passion for delivering useful pet accessories
Over 30% of our income is invested in R&D


Invention must be protected to guarantee uniqueness and to create value .

Our catalogue includes only exclusive pet supplies that have been projected, engineered and patented at an international level by Primenove. Our materials have been tested against chewing, folding, toughest temperature and usage conditions in order to offer durable pet accessories to our clients. Being unique guarantees protection and exclusivity also to our business partners who can praise products that cannot be found anywhere else aside from their stores.

Uniqueness as a standard

We protect our project with international patents
Our goal is to ensure the best quality standard to our business partners
and to our customers


Our priority is all about improving pets and people’s lives.

We are committed to enhance the relationship between the owner and their pet.

For this reason, every accessory created is tested with dogs or cats of different age, sizes and breeds and feedbacks are collected from owners with different characters and needs. Our goal is to be sure that our pet accessories will leave a mark in pets and owner’s lives.

Communication for a better understanding

We love to listen carefully to our pet owners needs.
Every advice is precious to grow.
Help us improve our products and send us your feedback!