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    General description of the leash (Figs.1 ,2 and 3):
    DIVO® has three unique functions:

    1. "LEVER" LOCK SYSTEM: To lock the distance between you and your dog, just squeeze your hand. With DIVO® you no longer need to use your thumb.
    2. FREE HANDS: DIVO® allows hands-free use: the unique round shape allows you to insert your hand and forearm inside the opening.
    3. OPENING HANDLE: The opening handle  (Fig.3)  allows you to secure the DIVO® leash to any fixed support, without knotting the cable.

    DIVO® is composed of two main elements: a round, tubular-shaped opening handle ① and a shell holding the rolled leash cable②. DIVO® can be configured in two ways: REST  (Fig.1)  and WORK  (Fig.2).   The WORK configuration is for walking your dog on the leash. The handle can be opened  (Fig.3)   thanks to the unique "dovetail" joint ⑧  (Fig.4).

    Cable length: 3.5 meters (137,795 in.).
    Maximum dog size/weight: 50 kg (110,231 lb).
    Materials: Handle and shell in high resistance and shockproof thermoplastic material. Soft-touch grip. Cable in high-resistance polyester. Carefully read these instructions for correct use and the safety information and warnings.

    This symbol    means that you must scrupulously observe the warnings provided in these instructions.




    1. Depending on the size and breed of the dog, the use of a retractable leash by children under the age of 14 is not recommended.
    2. The DIVO® leash should only be used by persons familiar with canine behaviour. WARNINGS
    3. Do not touch the leash cable (cord, strap) when the leash is attached to the dog: risk of injury.
    4. Do not wrap the cable around parts of the body: there may be risk of injury when the dog pulls.
    5. When near other animals or people, bring the dog close to you and apply the braking system.
    6. NEVER open the roll-holder shell. It contains a spring under tension: risk of injury.
    7. If the leash handle falls it can damage the internal mechanism, compromising its operation: check for correct function after any such event.

    8. Never leave your dog unattended with the leash attached to a stand. With the leash attached to a stand, allow the dog less than one meter of ribbon lenght.



    1. Carefully read these instructions for correct use and the safety information and warnings.
    2.  Always check that that the leash is correctly attached to the dog and examine for wear of the cable, the clip and the collar/harness. The cable is always subject to rewinding due to the return action of the roller: if the dog's collar or harness tears or the clip at the end of the cable is not properly closed, the end of the leash may detach. An uncontrolled return can cause injury to the face, teeth or eyes. In the case of such uncontrolled return, drop the leash immediately.
    3. Check that the handle is correctly closed (see point 7 of these instructions for use, below). .
    4. Ensure that the weight of the dog does not exceed the maximum allowed, as shown on the package.




    1. DO NOT use the DIVO® leash with the handle open (Fig.3): risk of malfunction and the breakage of the leash, with harmful consequences for the dog, persons and things.

    2. The roller-carrying shell ② is free to rotate 360° around its axis. Abrupt backward movements by the dog could bring the shell to the REST position with the risk of crushing fingers. In the case of such movements, move your own arm and wrist in the same direction as the dog, to prevent the shell from moving to the REST configuration.

    3. Keep the leash short, observing the limits on length as imposed by the law of each country. Operate the leash under full control in crowded places and those with poor visibility, near busy roads, areas with children, bike or jogging paths: risks to the safety of the dog and persons and damage to things.

    4. Grip the DIVO® leash correctly so that the braking system can be activated promptly.

    5. Do not leave the dog unattended with the leash secured to a support. This can cause danger to the safety of the dog and to passers-by, and damage to the leash itself.

    6.Do not use the DIVO® leash while riding a bicycle, using roller skates, skateboards, etc., or while walking on icy or slippery surfaces.

    7) when the dog is tied to a fixed support through the DIVO leash, the free length of the cable (i.e. the distance between the leash and the dog's collar) must be less than 39,37 inc. (1 mt.) and never leave the dog unattended when tied to a fixed support.


    1. First use: The DIVO® leash is packaged in the REST configuration. After removing it from the sales package, and after reading these instructions for use, rotate the roll-holder shell ② 180° to the WORK configuration (Fig.2).  Before using the leash, familiarise yourself with its innovative system for controlling the cable length (cable-reel lever braking system). For this purpose, we suggest you hold the leash and press the lever ⑤ several times with the palm of the hand while paying out the cable with the other hand ⑥. You will notice how with a first pressure on the lever, a "click" indicates that the cable locking mechanism has operated. In this configuration (without maintaining pressure on the lever), you will notice that the cable cannot extend further but can rewind on the roller. With a second pressure (you will hear another "click") the lever unlocks the mechanism, leaving the cable free to both lengthen and shorten. If you keep the lever pressed within your hand, the cable will not be able to lengthen or shorten, instead remaining fixed at its current length.

    2. To put the dog on the leash. with the leash in the WORK position, shorten the cable to a minimum and keep the hand holding the leash handle pressed on the lever ⑤, thus maintaining the cable braked; with the other hand, clip the snap-hook ⑦ to the dog collar or harness. Have you checked everything? Now you can enjoy your walk together with your faithful friend! 

    3. During the walk: always keep the leash cable away from the handle ③ without exerting any pressure on the lever. The leash automatically adjusts the length of the cable, adapting to the dog’s movements. In some circumstances, you can take advantage of the cable braking system, engaging it and inserting your forearm through the handle opening, for hands-free use. 

    4. To stop the cable from lengthening: Squeezing your hand on the handle to exert pressure on the lever ⑤ activates the cable-reel braking system (lock). You will hear a "click" indicating that the locking system is engaged. If you move towards the dog with the roller lever locked (in lowered position), the cable will automatically rewind without allowing it to pay out further.

    5. To release the cable: Squeeze your hand on the lever again and you will hear another "click" - the cable returns to being free to shorten or lengthen. 

    6. To shorten the cable length: With the lever in either unlocked or locked position (provided it is not under constant pressure), simply move your arm towards the dog.

    7. Opening/closing the handle: (Fig.3) and (Fig.4)  The DIVO® leash handle can be opened, allowing the owner to secure the dog to a support under certain short-term circumstances and with the owner's constant presence and surveillance. Before opening the handle make sure that the cable lengthening mechanism is in the braked position (lever in lowered position). Then move the sliding button ④ downwards and open the handle by pushing the upper and lower parts in opposite directions. To close the handle, insert the two ends within each other in perfect alignment; safety is then ensured by the operation of the sliding button ④, which guarantees against accidental opening. To avoid risk of accidental opening of the handle, check that button ④ is pushed completely upwards (towards the "dovetail" opening section) and attempt to move the two parts of the handle in opposite directions.

    8. How to lock the webbing at a set length: To secure and maintain a certain length of the leash webbing, that is, to give our dog a certain amount of freedom, perform the following operations on the leash:

       8a. Lock the webbing at a predetermined length:

           • To bring the webbing to the desired length, push on the lever (5)

           • To engage the lock and not allow any further extension of the belt, move the T button forward to position A-  (Fig.4)  With the lever in the locked position and button T in position A, the webbing remains at the set length.

    8b.  how to unlock the webbing slide:

        • To unlock the webbing slide, move the T button back to position B- Fig.4 and push the lever (5). Now the webbing is again free to stretch or rewind.

    NOTE: What will happens if you forget to move the T button to the B position? When you press the lever (L) to unlock the roller, the T button will be pushed by the webbing rewinding roller to the B position automatically deactivating its function, thus, allowing the leash to operate normally.



      Always keep the moving components and the nearby parts of the leash clean, including: the braking system activation lever, the cable roller shell outlet, the sliding button, the cable (cord, strap). In case of rain, dry the unrolled cable with a cloth or allow it to air dry before storing it. For cleaning, use a cloth dampened with water or a cleaning solution suitable for contact with the leash materials.


      1. Do not use corrosive substances for cleaning.

      2. Do not place the leash near direct sources of heat.

      3. Do not use the DIVO® leash at temperatures above 55°C or below -5°C.

      4. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or temperatures exceeding those permitted could cause deformation of the DIVO® and damage its correct function.


      In accordance with the local regulations in force, this symbol indicates that this product must not be disposed of together with household waste. It is the user's responsibility to dispose of this product, at the end of its useful life, at a suitable collection point. Collecting and recycling this product separately helps to conserve and recycle natural resources, for protection of human health and the environment.


      This product is protected by statutory warranty rights in the country in which the product is sold DO NO OPEN THE LEASH STRUCTURE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, UNDER PENALTY OF FORFEITURE OF THE WARRANTY. The warranty is valid from the date of sale on the proof of purchase (sales receipt or invoice): keep the proof of purchase. During the validity of the warranty period and where terms apply, Primenove ensures free repair or replacement of the DIVO® leash with the same or a better product in the Primenove range (at its sole discretion if the returned model is not available). Please contact your dealer with your details and deliver the defective product with proof of purchase or send the defective product together with proof of purchase and with sufficient postage, to the following address:

      Primenove srl - via Acquacorrente,6 - 65123 Pescara (Italy).

      The DIVO® leash is protected by an international patent. For more information on the DIVO® leash visit: www.primenove.com/divo or contact customer service:

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