Terms of Service




All products sold under the Primenove brand are protected by the product warranty conditions valid in the country in which they are sold. The warranty conditions for Primenove brand products are shown on each package relating to the product sold. Primenove products are guaranteed in any case for a minimum guarantee period of 2 years (730 calendar days). The product warranty is valid from the date of sale shown on the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice). The customer must keep the proof of purchase. During the duration of the warranty, the company ensures the repair of the defective product or replacement of the same with an equal product or in case of lack of an equal product (for end of series or lack of stock), with an equivalent or higher quality product in the range of products sold under the brand Primenove. Only and exclusively in the case of total impossibility of replacement, according to the rules set out above, Primenove reserves the right to proceed to a refund of the maximum value equal to 100% during the first six months from the date of purchase and equal to 50% of the price paid to the customer in the following months of validity of the guarantee. The products returned under warranty shall in no case show signs of tampering, breakage or defects due to improper use or maintenance of the product (or for use not in accordance with the instructions on each package of the product sold) and are also not recognized under warranty parts that are subject to wear due to use. To make use of the warranty conditions on Primenove products that are defective, the customer can contact the seller or send the defective product directly to Primenove at the following address: Primenove srl - via Acquacorrente,6- 65123 Pescara (Italy). A preliminary informative contact with the company can be made by writing to the following email address: customercare.primenove@gmail.com.
Primenove reserves the exclusive right to ascertain the defectiveness of the product also through photographic material provided by the customer.



The return of the defective product under warranty conditions must be accompanied by proof of purchase and customer data. Shipping costs are charged to the customer. Primenove reserves the right to assess the actual defectiveness of the product before proceeding to its repair or replacement or possible refund. The result of its inspection will be communicated to the customer. If the defect is recognized as a factory defect (i.e. due to manufacturing defects), in addition to the warranty conditions offered on Primenove brand products, the customer shall be entitled to reimbursement of shipping costs. The absence of proof of purchase does not entitle the company to apply the warranty conditions on products sold under the Primenove brand. Products which, following inspection, are found not to be covered by warranty conditions (i.e. whose defectiveness is not due to causes recognized by the company), may request the return of the product sent at their own expense, notifying the company.

The customer after must contact Primenove by e-mail at primenove.info@gmail.com indicating the reason for which you want to return the product with attached reference photos and proof of purchase.
1- Primenove will examine the problem and see if the request made falls within the rules of return listed above.
2- Primenove will send the customer the waybill for the withdrawal of the package only after prior agreement by e-mail with the customer about the day and time for the withdrawal.
3- Once received the waybill the customer must ensure that the package to be returned is within the weight and size specifications that Primenove provides by e-mail and on the waybill sent previously.
4- The refund of the purchase price net of the amount withheld for shipping costs will be made within seven days of receipt of the return by the company.


Mode of return for reconsideration:
The customer who intends to take advantage of this option for the return of the product and to obtain the relevant refund, must follow the following procedure:
1. Contact the company and declare your intention to return the product purchased on the Primenove website,
2. Receive the consent from Primenove,
3. store the product in its original packaging (after checking that the product shows no signs of use or damage),
4. place the product (in its original packaging) in the same box in which you received the product or in a cardboard box of equal size and weight,
5. Primenove will send the customer a label to be affixed to the package (Waybill - LDV) which indicates the data relating to the package and the courier responsible for collecting the package,
6. The customer must make himself available to deliver the package to the courier responsible for collecting it,
7. The refund to the customer of the price paid for the product, net of the amount withheld by the company for the withdrawal, will be made within seven working days of receipt of the package in the company,
8. if the company sees discrepancies in the conditions of restitution will take care to promptly inform the customer.