How to send a return for second thoughts:

The customer who intends to make use of this option to return the product and obtain the relevant refund, must follow the following procedure:

  1. Contact the company and declare your intention to return the product purchased on the Primenove website,
  2. Receive Primenove's consent,
  3. Put the product back in its original packaging (after checking that the product shows no signs of use or damage),
  4. if possible, place the product (in its original packaging) in the same box in which it was received or in a cardboard box of equal size and weight,
  5. Primenove will send the customer a label to be affixed to the package (Waybill - LDV) indicating the details of the package and the courier responsible for collecting it,
  6. The customer shall make himself available for the delivery of the package to the collecting carrier,
  7. The refund to the customer of the price paid for the product, net of the amount withheld by the company for collection, shall be made within seven working days of receipt of the package at the company,
  8. If the company finds any discrepancies in the conditions of return, it will promptly inform the customer.